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#1: No icon Best SMG's in Order Author: furionLocation: Louisville, Ky PostPosted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 6:06 am

Vector: A tiny package of doom that incapacitates quickly and is limited only by its short range. There's no weapon I'd rather have in the last moments of most matches, where I'm enclosed in a small area. Nearly always best used in full-auto, firing in bursts to retain accuracy beyond 15m.

UMP: The bridge between SMGs and assault rifles, with the slower rate of fire offset by limited recoil and a better effective range (30-40m) than the Vector. The UMP requires a lot of modifications to reach its full potential. Fire it in full-auto to take people down quickly. Its 9mm ammo should be plentiful.

Uzi: Fast, but wildly inaccurate. With a stock the Uzi becomes far more stable, but it’s still terrible at anything above 15-20 meters.


Recommended SMG mods:

Extended magazine – Absolutely vital to make the Vector and Uzi in particular shine, as the base, magazines are so shallow.

Suppressor – High rate of fire plus near-silence is an insane combo.

Vertical foregrip – Gives a vital boost to both the Vector and the UMP’s effectiveness at range by steadying the recoil.

Uzi stock – If you have your heart set on using an Uzi, be sure to pick this up to improve stability and lessen recoil.

Furion Gaming -> BattleGounds Discussions and Reviews

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