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#1: No icon My Tactics Author: furionLocation: Louisville, Ky PostPosted: Tue Oct 31, 2017 9:39 pm
I'm going to write this down for my own future use, God knows this game has to many chiefs and not enough Indians. Everybody's an EXPERT... Saying that, I'd like to say this, if you are DEAD, don't be telling people how to play, YOU'RE DEAD! Now, if you want to be proactive, then assist the ALIVE player by viewing the grounds in front of him and letting them know if you see enemy movement. That is your only job... sure, pointing out items is good, but just point it out and don't make it an issue.

My techniques:

At the point of the Jump, determine location and prepare to steer away from it if necessary. Try to find a cluster of buildings in a surrounding area just in case you need to redirect. Being familiar with the map is necessary as well, plan ahead before you jump.

I normally try to jump near the end of the flight and observe where people are jumping in the attempt to avoid those locations later. There are also fewer people at the end of the jump to deal with. Also, you can determine the side of the map most people are jumping, this helps in avoidance. I try not to engage anyone until the circle is about the size of a quarter, it has to be pretty small before I start engaging players actively. When I do engage, I try to engage players that are being shot at by multiple players and in a hidden-kneeling and or hidden-prone position with rock and or foliage around me.

I don't use vehicles, I run. To assist in the run I pick up as many drinks and pills as possible. Now this will mean you will die behind the blue wall of death time to time, that's just the trade off.

Initially, just grab the basics, whatever weapon you need to defend yourself. Be prepared for an encounter. After acquiring a weapon, then expand your search for other weapons and ammo. Be on the lookout for a helmet and vest, collect then ASAP after your first weapon and when you are in the process of searching for other weapons.

Once you have the basic weapons, search the map for the big circle. If you are outside of it, gauge how far and how far you will need to run. Collect rifles and ammo until you get the first warning and then start towards the big circle. Before running drink the energy drinks, they will help you move faster. Do not run with a weapon in your hand, it slows you down. Some people don't like this which is silly, if they are getting shot at, they are going to be looking for cover first, not stopping to shoot. They're dead if they stop and try to shoot, they are probably dead with a weapon in their hand because they are running slower and are an easier target to hit. Bottom line is the faster you run the better, they can like it or not like it, but this is the reality of it.

When I start moving to the center of the circle, I switch between the map and the view on the ground and try to locate the best route, even if its out of the way, to move to the center. Guessing where the center is going to end up is just a lucky guess, sometimes I get it, but most of the time I don't. Get there and hide as best as possible.

Always look around when you are running.

If engaged at the beginning of the game or in the larger circles, I shoot back if I can locate the shooter, and when I think they are reloading, I run like hell out of site and keep going. The key here is avoidance.

I avoid contact with everyone, unless absolutely necessary. I avoid vehicle like they are the plague and they are. They are all death traps screaming "HERE I AM!!!" You may want to do the same.

What works good in one game, may or may NOT work well in another. Be flexible. It seems group play is based on finding a vehicle, driving somewhere to get weapons and driving back to the circle... NOT LIKE EVERY OTHER FUCKER OUT THERE ISN'T DOING THE SAME... Yet, players both solo and group continue to do the same thing... Poor tactics in my opinion.

Your tactic should be flexible and not so predictable. I'm hoping for LAW rockets in the final release, it will force these repetitious players to actually start working out their individual team tactics.

Do not run together!  I don't know how many times I have seen teams run together... It's insane. If the games mechanics actually change to real life, 3 of the 4 will be dropped before realizing what hit them.

I need to go trick or treating with my daugther, I will add more to this later.

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