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#1: No icon PUBG: OUT OF CONTROL HACKERS-HACKING Author: furionLocation: Louisville, Ky PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:15 pm
I'm getting really tired of games getting ruined, I'm about to quit PUBG and ask for my money back. This is insane, and they can do better. It's not a matter of can't, they just don't really want to. I decided to google some articles and add them here as an update for all. My last 3 games have been ruined because of these limp dicks, soooo tired of this.

added this just to read later:

So many articles on the issue, yet the laziness of the PUBG coders continues to allow this crap to happen.  A daily update and or individual game update can fix this, so why not?

Furion Gaming -> BattleGounds Discussions and Reviews

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